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In this lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘leaving a bad taste in one’s mouth’ in your conversations.


Pete: To leave a bad taste in your mouth means that you have a bad feeling or memory about something or someone.

Ema: Leaving a bad taste in a person’s mouth means leaving a bad impression. For example, the way Jim talked to me the other day. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Pete: He was like my brother, but the New Year’s party incident left a bad taste in my mouth.

Ema: When something leaves a bad taste in your mouth, there’s a feeling of something wrong or unfair. What happened at the New Year’s party, anyways?

Pete: Oh, that’s an unpleasant memory. He’s just a dishonest jerk! A bad taste in my mouth!

Ema : Is it about Jim? Leaving a bad taste in one’s mouth also refers to an ex-lover whom you wish you had never dated.

Pete: Cool down Emm, I don’t want to speak about it anymore.

Ema: Oh C’mon! Tell me. Jim left a bad taste in my mouth, you know it very well.

Pete: Yeah. You’d better be careful when dating your next guy.

Rude Waitress.

Rafael: Let’s go to Hotel La Belle today, their desserts are just awesome!

Kate: I don’t want to go there.

Rafael: Why?

Kate: Don’t you remember? That rude waitress left a bad taste in my mouth.

Rafael: She’s probably out of work now.

Kate: I don’t care! Could we just go to Cafe Morrison?

Rafael: Yeah! Alright.

Poor Pete!

Kate: Where is Pete?

Rafael: He’s not coming.

Kate: What happened?

Rafael: The business deal last month left a bad taste in his mouth.

Kate: Poor Pete! I feel sorry for him.

Rafael: I warned him before not to do any business with that bunch of thieves!

Irene Fears the Beach.

Kate: Why didn’t you call Irene?

Rafael: Irene’s waiting for you on the lawn.

Kate: I thought she was coming along to the beach.

Rafael: She said she won’t come.

Kate: Why?

Rafael: The tsunami left a bad taste in her mouth.

Kate: I can understand.

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