Idiom 'Bundle of Nerves' - Introducing Idioms In English

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In this lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘bundle of nerves’.


Karen: Let’s talk about the idiom ‘a bundle of nerves’ today!

Matt: Yes! When you are very worried or nervous you are a bundle of nerves!

Karen: That’s it. It also means to become extremely tense or anxious.

Matt: I am always a bundle of nerves during the exams!

Karen: You shouldn’t be, Matt! You may also use this idiom as ‘a bag of nerves’. It has the same meaning.

Matt: This idiom can also mean to be extremely frightened, right Karen?

Karen: That’s right. Martha was a bundle of nerves after watching the horror movie!

Matt: That’s not funny. Don’t take her to watch horror movies!

Karen : Alright. I’ll keep that in mind.

Matt: Okay, let’s listen to some conversations now.

Congratulations Lynn!

Hector: Congratulations Lynn! You won the dance competition!

Lynn: Thank you, Hector. I don’t know how I did it!

Hector: It was superb, Lynn!

Lynn: You should’ve seen me before my presentation! I was a bundle of nerves!

New Professor.

Hector: Our new professor is a bundle of nerves.

Lynn: Maybe it’s her first day, that’s why.

Hector: You know, she looked like she wouldn’t even remember her name!

Lynn: Shut up! She’s just a couple of years older than all of you.

A Minor Accident.

Hector: Let me tell mom about the accident.

Lynn: Are you nuts? Don’t call mom now!

Hector: Why? It’s just a minor one. Nothing happened!

Lynn: Don’t you know she’s a bundle of nerves? She’ll have a heart attack for nothing!

Hector: Maybe you’re right, we shouldn’t tell her just yet.

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