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In this lesson, we will talk about phrases that you can use to discuss your interest in cricket.

The Upcoming Match.

Matthew : Stella, did you see the Premier League last night?

Stella: No. I’m not that much into cricket.

Matthew : Well, then you should start watching it.

Stella: Why would I? I don’t like the game at all.

Matthew : What if I told you I’ve registered my name for the zonal trials taking place in September?

Stella: What are you talking about? I didn’t know that you could play cricket so well.

Matthew : Well, since you’re not that interested in the game, you probably never noticed how well I play.

Stella: Now I’ll definitely come to watch your game, even if it means getting sunburnt.

Matthew : Don’t worry. I’ll get you a nice shady place in the best part of the stadium.

Last Night’s Game.

Matthew : Hey Sam! Did you see that game last night?

Sam : Sure man! It was an amazing game. I couldn’t tell ‘till the last ball who’d win.

Matthew : Did you watch that awesome catch that Gayle took? It was unbelievable.

Sam : That catch really turned the game around! I never thought the Aussies would lose.

Matthew : Hey, there’s another game this evening. Why don’t we watch it together?

Sam : That’s a great idea! What about you coming over my place so that we can watch the game together?

Matthew : Awesome! See you bro!

I Hate the World Cup.

Lisa : Hey June! What’s up with you?

June : Nothing Lisa. I just want to break my TV.

Lisa : Why? What happened?

June : Sam’s been watching cricket all day long ever since the World Cup started. He just sits on the sofa and eats, while watching TV occasionally jumping and shouting. It’s very irritating!

Lisa : I know what you mean. It’s just a game, right!? I don’t know why men are so fanatic about it.

June : I could never understand the point of cricket, Lisa. Shopping is definitely more interesting.

Lisa : True June! I’d rather go shopping anytime than watching cricket!

Let’s Have a Game.

Sam : Matthew, are you ready for a cricket game this evening?

Matthew : This evening? Sure buddy, but who else is playing?

Sam : I’ve invited some of our old school buddies, and they are coming over. It’ll be a great game.

Matthew : Is Jerry coming over? He was a great batsman.

Sam : Yep, Jerry’s coming, and so’s Tom. Those two guys were amazing.

Matthew : I know. Tom’s bowling is legendary, too. It’ll be good to see those guys face-off again.

Sam : Be at the pitch at 5.30 sharp, mate. We’re having a 20 overs game.

Matthew : I’ll see you there, Sam!

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