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In this lesson you will learn to use the idiom ‘carry the day’ in your conversations.


Windy: To carry the day means to be victorious or to have brought about a good outcome.

Ema: That’s right, the idiom in fact means to be successful in anything.

Windy: Actually this idiom is used in many ways. It may mean profit in business or a winning deal!

Ema: Correct! If someone carries the day, it means that he made a decision or had an idea that emerged to be correct or gave positive results.

Windy: Would you give us an example, Ema?

Ema: Sure. The Barcelona team was losing the game, but Cortez scored two goals in the last five minutes and carried the day for them!

Windy: Yes Ema. It’s almost unbelievable how he scored those two goals in the last five minutes and took them to victory!

Ema: Here’s another example: Suzanne carried the day by coming up with a winning design proposal. We got the account!

Windy: Good! Thank you, Emma. Let’s listen to some conversations now.

Congratulations Terry!

Mark: Hey Terry, congratulations man!

Terry: Thank you Mark!

Mark: We are really proud of you, my friend! You carried the day for our school by winning the tennis match!

Terry: Thank you again, Mark. I’m going to practice harder for the state finals.

Election Results.

Terry: Hey Windy, I really thought the other Presidential candidate was going to win.

Windy: Yeah! It was very close, but in the end California carried the day by voting for our guy.

Terry: Yes. California has a lot of electoral votes.

Windy: They pulled it off for us in the end.

Terry: Right! They really carried the day.

Straight ‘A’ Student.

Ema: How did you end up the term with only ‘A’s, Mark? I thought you’d got a ‘B’ in Chemistry,

Mark: I thought so too, but the teacher was really impressed by my final experiment.

Ema: Looks like that experiment carried the day for you.

Mark: Yes, I’m glad I spent extra time on it and wrote a detailed report on the results.

Ema: Maybe it was that report that carried the day!

Mark: Either way, I’m happy. I got an ‘A’.

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