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In this lesson you will learn about the idioms ‘catch hell’ or ‘get hell’ and ‘give hell’.


Sandra: To “catch hell” means to get into trouble or to get a rebuke.

Paul: ‘Get hell’ or ‘catch hell’ means someone will be very angry with you. If dad finds out that you were using his credit card, you’re gonna catch hell.

Sandra: I’ll be fine, I called him and got his permission. The idiom also means a severe punishment right?

Paul: That’s right. It means to suffer a severe scolding. I remember how he gave me hell last time when I got a C grade.

Sandra: Well, how’s your preparation this time?

Paul: It’s fine. I’ll get a good grade for sure.

Sandra: Okay, you shouldn’t give dad a chance to give you hell this time.

Paul: Let’s listen to some conversations now.

Drunk at Work!

Ricky: Today Ben caught hell from his boss.

Julie: For what?

Ricky: He was drunk at work!

Julie: Wow! He should really get hell for that!

Wrong Bill.

Julie: Yesterday I gave hell to the phone company’s customer service agent.

Ricky: What happened?

Julie: My phone bill was $900! I never use my phone that much!

Ricky: Ouch! That’s way too high. What did the agent say?

Julie: The actual bill was $90, it was a printing mistake. He apologized, and I felt bad for giving him hell earlier.

Ricky: Guess someone in the company caught hell for making that printing error.

Julie: Yeah, I wouldn’t want to be that person.

ATied Game.

Ricky: The football game is tied at halftime!

Paul: I’ll try harder to score in the last half of the game.

Ricky: Don’t make it easy on them, make them play defensively.

Paul: I’ll do the best I can.

Ricky: Sure, give ‘em hell, Paul!

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