Asking for Help - Useful Expressions for Learning English

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In this lesson, we will listen to people asking for help in different situations.

At the Supermarket.

Brian: Excuse me. I’m looking for the wine section.

Stephanie: The wines are in aisle 7. Follow me, I’ll show you.

Brian: Oh, thanks. This is a big supermarket.

Stephanie: Yes, it is. I think it’s the biggest in this neighborhood.

Brian: Here we are. Thanks for the help.

Stephanie: My pleasure.

Brian: Let me ask you one more thing. Where do I find cheese?

Stephanie: The cheese is in the dairy section, in aisle 14.

Brian: No, it’s okay. I’ll be here a minute choosing the wine.

Stephanie: No problem. If you need anything else, any store employee can help you.

Brian: Great!

Stephanie: By the way, our domestic wines are on sale. There are some very good ones.

Brian: Good. You’re very helpful. Thank you.

At the Office.

Denise: Good morning, Claire. Could you help me with the new copy machine?

Claire: Sure, no problem. What do you need?

Denise: There are so many places to put the paper; I never know where it goes…

Claire: How many pages do you need to copy?

Denise: I need three pages. It’s the weekly financial report.

Claire: Ok. Put the three pages here…right. Now select the number of copies you need.

Denise: I need two copies.

Claire: So, now you push ‘2’ and the ‘start’ button.

Denise: Well, that was easy enough. Thanks!

On the Street.

Brian: Excuse me. CouId you help me? I need directions to the National Hotel, on Main St.

Claire: Sure. It’s not far from here. You can walk.

Brian: I know. I just came from there, but I don’t remember the name of the street I took to get here.

Claire: It’s easy. Take this street and go straight ahead two blocks, then make a right on Main St. You’ll see the hotel.

Brian: Thank you.

Claire: No problem.

Brian: Just one more thing…do you have the time?

Claire: Yep…it’s four fifteen.

At School.

Kenny: Excuse me, Ms. Morgan, I’m not sure I understand what I have to do…

Barbara: Kenny, in this activity you have to find the adjectives in this text.

Kenny: Oh, the adjectives?

Barbara: Do you remember what an adjective is, Kenny?

Kenny: Sure! It’s a…it’s a…it’s like a description, isn’t it?

Barbara: Well, in a way, yes. It gives quality to a noun. For example, when you say ‘intelligent man’, what’s the adjective?

Kenny: The adjective is intelligent.

Barbara: Very good, Kenny. Now find them in your text.

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