Saying you like something - English words and phrases

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In this lesson, we are going to learn how to say what you like to do.

New in the neighborhood

Paul: Hello. My name is Paul. I am new in the neighborhood. What do you all do for fun?

Todd: Nice to meet you. We do a lot of things. I like to play sports, go to the park and play games at the arcade.

Paul: That sounds like fun.

Todd: What do you do for fun?

Paul: I like to build model planes, ride my bike and play at the arcade.

Todd: Cool. Let’s go to the arcade tomorrow we might meet some other guys from the neighborhood.

A vacation

Mandy : I am so excited about our vacation!

Paul: Me too. What do you want to do there?

Mandy : I love shopping so that is a must. I also like nature so hiking or a trip to the waterfalls would be nice.

Paul: Okay. I would like to go golfing at the resort and try out jet skiing.

Mandy : That sounds fun. This vacation is going to be great.

Asking about hobbies

Mandy : What do you like to do in your free time Paul?

Paul: I like to read, and I love to play video games.

Mandy : Don't you exercise or play a sport?

Paul: Of course I do. I work out regularly and I love to swim.

Mandy : That sounds like a lot of fun.

Paul : Yes it is.

Talking about actors

Paul : Who's your favorite actor?

Mandy : I totally adore Brad Pitt. What about you?

Paul : I like Bruce Willis.

Mandy : And who's your favorite actress?

Paul : I really love Jennifer Anniston.

Mandy : You and a million other men.

Favorite TV Show

Paul : Hey Mandy, do you want to go out?

Mandy : No, my favorite show is on right now. I am watching it.

Paul : You really love this show this much that you'd rather watch it then go shopping?

Mandy : Oh yes! I am a big fan of this show.

Paul : Well, then enjoy the show. I am going out.

Mandy : Bye bye Paul.

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