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In this lesson you will learn the phrases that you can use to order things online.

Ordering Groceries.

Robert: Good morning, Westword Grocers, how can I help you?

Wesley: Good morning. I'd like to order some groceries, please.

Robert: Sure. What's your order?

Wesley: Well, I need a dozen eggs, 2 ounces of all-purpose flour, a medium bottle of vanilla essence, a small chocolate syrup bottle, and some dark chocolate cubes.

Robert: I guess you are planning to bake a cake. Right?

Wesley: Certainly. When can I expect the delivery?

Robert: It'll be delivered in about an hour. May I please have your name and address?

Wesley: Sure. My name is Wesley Thomas. The address is 34-B, George Street.

Robert: Alright. The delivery boy will reach your place within an hour.

Wesley: What's the total amount for the things purchased?

Robert: That would be $25.

Wesley: Thank you.

Ordering Electronic Equipment.

Robert: Sun Communication. How can I help you?

Fred: I would like to order the newly launched Super Smart mobile phone. Do you have it in stock?

Robert: Yes. We certainly have. Where do you want it delivered?

Fred: To my house. My home address is D-21, Stephenson Street.

Robert: May I know your name please?

Fred: It's Fred Davidson. When can I expect the delivery and what's the total price?

Robert: The product will be delivered to you by tomorrow evening and the price is $230.

Fred: Are you offering any kind of special deals or discounts?

Robert: I'm afraid not. We had introductory offers, but not anymore.

Fred: Not a problem. Please deliver my order as soon as possible.

Robert: How would you like to pay, Sir?

Fred: I'll pay in cash on delivery.

Robert: Alright. Thank you for buying with us.

Ordering a Pizza.

Fred: Freddy's Pizza Corner, may I take your order?

Wesley: I'd like to order one personal cheese margherita pizza please.

Fred: Anything else?

Wesley: Yes. I'd like a medium coke with the pizza.

Fred: Alright. What is your name and address please?

Wesley: Wesley Hemings. My address is 65-HF, Lower Street, San Rock.

Fred: Got it. Your order will be delivered within 30 minutes. Thank you for placing your order with us.

Responding to Infomercials.

Fred: Hi! I saw the ad for the new super-slimming tablet on TV.

Bridgette: Hi! Yes, it's a really effective slimming supplement, Sir.

Fred: I am considering buying a month's course.

Bridgette: That will bring you a guaranteed weight-loss of 3 KGs.

Fred: And if I don't lose that much, will you return my money?

Bridgette: Yes! If you take the tablet, follow the prescribed diet and you don't experience the minimum weight loss, we will refund your entire amount.

Fred: Okay, please send me the pack.

Bridgette: Let me note down your address.

Fred: Sure, it's 12, Gotham Street, Metropolis.

Bridgette : Alright. I got that, Sir.

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