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In this lesson, we will see some phrases that you can use while inviting your friends out for a movie.


A Movie with a Group of Friends.

Peterson: Hey Andrew! I'm going to see ''World War Z'' with some friends. Do you want to come?

Andrew: Who else is going?

Peterson: Just a couple of college friends.

Andrew: When are you guys going?

Peterson: Tomorrow night.

Andrew: That would be perfect. Where do you plan to meet?

Peterson: Let's meet in front of the movies at ten thirty.

Andrew: Great. I'll meet you guys there.

This Movie is a Must-See!

Barry: I hear ''The Lone Ranger'' is supposed to be good. Let's watch it tomorrow?

Andrew: I have a dinner date with my family tomorrow.

Barry: Err... We can go after that. I really want to see this film.

Andrew: That would be great. I should be free after 9 p.m.

Barry: What time can you be at the theatre?

Andrew: I can be there by 9:40.

Barry: Ok. I'll get the tickets for the 9:45 session. Meet me there as soon as you can.

Andrew: Sure. Looking forward to it.

A Movie to Relax.

Andrew: What are you doing tomorrow night?

Sanna: Nothing much. Why do you ask?

Andrew: How about going to the movies?

Sanna: Which movie?

Andrew: I think ''Now You See Me'' would be a good choice.

Sanna: That sounds pretty good. I've seen the trailer.

Andrew: Where should we meet?

Sanna: I can pick you up. Is 7p.m. alright for you?

Andrew: Perfect!

Taking a Movie Break.

Peterson: Hey Barry, what's up these days?

Barry: Nothing new, just stuck with work.

Peterson: Why don't you take a break? Have you seen ''White House Down''?

Barry: No. I haven't seen it yet. But, I've heard it's a good movie.

Peterson: Let's watch it tomorrow. It's the weekend and you should just chill out and relax.

Barry: That sounds good, as long as I finish my work tonight.

Peterson: Come on. You shouldn't be working on Sundays anyways.

Barry: Ok. You're right. I'll meet you at the mall at 5p.m.

Peterson: Great!

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