Expressing Negative Emotions - The Verbal Communication of Emotion

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In this lesson we will learn the phrases that you can use to express your negative emotions to your friends and loved ones.


Jake: Gosh! My tooth has been killing me.

Anna: You might have a cavity. You should go to the dentist as soon as possible.

Jake: No way. I'm afraid of seeing the dentist. I always get a bad feeling. I try to avoid it like the plague.

Anna: Come on. Don't be a chicken! It won't be that bad!

Jake: I'm not a chicken! But I'll do anything to stay away from a dental clinic.

Anna: Even let the cavity eat your whole tooth?

Jake: Dentists scare me more than the cavity.

Anna: You can't be serious!


Joanne: Hey, you look very upset. What's going on?

Harry: I'm anxious about the final exams. I don't know if I can pass them.

Joanne: Aren't you studying?

Harry: I am! But I don't take exams well. I always panic.

Joanne: Well, don't worry too much. You still have three days ahead.

Harry: Yeah, but three days aren't enough to cover the entire syllabus. These days will be gone in the blink of an eye.

Joanne: I think the best thing to do now is try to remain calm.

Jealousy and Anger.

Jake: What's happening between your girlfriend and you? You guys fight all the time these days.

Harry: What are you saying?

Jake: Well, the whole office is talking about it. Why do you fight in public places?

Harry: I can't stand her anymore. She's a crazy woman. Even a bit of friendly advice sets her off.

Jake: So, what did you tell her?

Harry:I told her she had to stay away from the new assistant manager. He's not a nice guy to hang around. She thought I was being jealous of her friendship with him. Can you believe that?!

Jake: Well, I can. You do sound a bit jealous.

Harry: And you sound like her!


Anna: Why were you oddly looking at him while he was talking?

Joanne: Well, I'm sure he lied to me about last night. I was trying to read his face.

Anna: Why do you say that?

Joanne: He wasn't looking at me while talking. I'm sure he was hiding something.

Anna: Well, you shouldn't be so suspicious of people. Just relax and stop thinking that there's always something wrong!

Joanne: Perhaps you're right. Maybe I think too much about things.

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