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In this lesson we will learn the phrases that you can use while in a library.

Borrowing a Book.

Tom: I want to borrow a book. Could you please tell me the procedure for that?

Brooke: Take the book to the librarian. She'll check it out for you.

Tom: Where does the librarian sit?

Brooke: There's a desk on the extreme left of this wing. You'll find her there.

Tom: Do I need to hand in anything to get the book checked out?

Brooke: Yes. You'll have to submit a photo identification and proof of residence.

Tom: Alright. Thank you.

Returning a Book.

Tom: I'd like to return this book.

Henry: When did you check it out?

Tom: A couple of weeks ago.

Henry: Alright. Just sign here and leave the book with me.

Tom: Sure. Is that all?

Henry: Yes. You can look for more books if you want to.

Tom: Thank you. I will.

Asking for a Specific Book.

Brooke: I'm looking for a book titled ''The Revolution:1842''. I'm afraid I couldn't find it anywhere in the history section.

Henry: Give me a moment, please. Let me check it here.

Brooke: Thanks, I saw it on a shelf last week.

Henry: Sure. It's listed in our database, but someone has checked it out.

Brooke: Do you have another copy of it?

Henry: No. We only have one copy.

Brooke: Okay. When can I expect it to be available?

Henry: Well, the person has taken it for 7 days. You can check again on Monday.

Brooke: Alright. Thank you.

Coming Back for the Same Book.

Brooke: Hey. I came here a couple of days ago. I wanted to get ''The revolution:1842'' which was checked out already.

Henry: Yes, I remember you.

Brooke: So, is it available now?

Henry: Yes. I must say you are quite lucky. The person returned it just a couple of minutes ago.

Brooke: I didn't want to miss it. I urgently need this book for my assignment.

Henry: That might've been the case. Someone else came asking for this book yesterday as well.

Brooke: Here's my library card.

Henry: Thank you.

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