Rise and Raise - Confusing Words In English

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In this lesson we will learn about the differences between the words ‘rise’ and ‘raise’.


‘Raise’ and ‘rise’ are often confused with each other. They are used in different ways in the English language.

Jack: The word ‘raise’ means to lift something and ‘rise’ means to move upward by itself without any help or assistance.

Freda: Yes, ‘raise’ also means to increase, to elevate something. And ‘rise’ means something is going up from its previous position. You may raise children, you may raise a building. And when I raise a ball with my hand, the ball rises.

Jack: One of the major points to be noted is that, when we use the word ‘raise’ we need an object, but we may use the word rise without an object.

Freda: Okay, good point to raise. Could you explain it further?

Jack: Just concentrate at this. Something rises when somebody raises it. “Something rises” and “somebody raises something”.

Freda: Alright! That means, if I raise you with my hands, you will rise! You are the object!

Jack: Oh! C’mon. I’m too heavy! You can’t raise me with your hands.

Freda: Just kidding, Jack. Let’s see some conversations now.


Mike: Wow! Your memory is good, man!

Samuel: Thank you, Mike!

Mike: Do you do something to raise your brain power?

Samuel: Yeah, I solve puzzles and do meditation.

Mike: Wow, that’s some idea. I’ll do it too.

My Dad Was a Military Man

Samuel: I rise up at 6am every single day.

Mike: Me too. I was raised by my dad in strict discipline.

Samuel: Your dad was a military man, right?

Mike: Yes, he was. He used to rise up at 5am and go jogging every morning!

It hurts!

Mike: Do you still feel pain when you raise your arm?

Samuel: Yeah, the pain is still there. Even my blood pressure rises up when I am in pain.

Mike: Dude, you should demand compensation from your company.

Samuel: I've talked to my lawyer. He says it’s not viable for such small injuries.

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