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In this lesson you will learn how to use the idiom ‘to call it a day' in your conversations.


Alex: The idiom ‘calling it a day' means to stop working on something for the rest of that day, whether or not it is completed.

Martha: That's correct. It means to quit an activity for the rest of the day or for the present time and continue it the next day.

Alex: I'm tired. Let's call it a day.

Martha: Are you kidding? You just got here.

Alex: Yes, I'm kidding. I was just giving you an example. Let me give you another one: Larry was working late last night, I told him to call it a day and go home.

Martha: Wow! That's surprising, Larry really worked late?

Alex: Nope, just another example.

Martha: Yeah, I didn't think Larry would do that. He's usually the one to call it a day at noon!

Alex: One more thing. ''Calling it a day''also means to stop some activity altogether. For example: The fossil fuels will be all exhausted in the future, and the oil industry will have to call it a day.

Martha: Good example! However teasing Larry like that is not good, we better call it a day.

Alex: I know that Martha. In fact, Larry is really competent. He usually complete his work by noon.

Martha: I noticed that too!

Alex: Alright. Let's listen to some conversations now.

Larry is going to the beach

Tina: Larry, what are you doing? You just shut down your computer.

Larry: I'm calling it a day. I'm off to the beach for a family outing!

Tina: It's 2 O‘clock Larry. What about the program codes?

Larry: Don't worry, I've already updated them. Why don't you take a look?

Tina: Okay, everything looks fine.

Larry: I've also designed the widget you told me about; it's in your mail.

Tina: Oh thank you so much! I think I can call it a day soon too!

Algorithms are tough!

Martha: Tina, is that you? Still here at 9pm?

Tina: Oh Martha! I can't get my algorithms done.

Martha: Sometimes it's best to put them aside, and start fresh later.

Tina: Yeah, I think I'll just work one more hour.

Martha: No, it's very late, already! Let's call it a day Martha.

Tina: Yeah, my brain is not working now. I think it's time to call it a day.

Baseball game lost

Alex: Our team is behind by 8 runs.

Larry: Yeah, and only 1 inning is left in the game.

Alex: Looks like they might as well call it a day.

Larry: I hate to admit it, but our team doesn't stand a chance in this game.

Alex: Yep. Let's call it a day too, and head home.

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