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In this lesson, you will learn some phrases that you can use to interact and communicate with others at university, as a freshman.

Asking for the Administration Office.

Tim: Excuse me! Can you tell me the way to the administration office?

Rivaldo: Sure. Follow this corridor and take the first right.

Tim: Thank you so much.

Rivaldo: Are you new to the university?

Tim: Yes.Today is my first day.

Rivaldo: Which course?

Tim: I've registered for a 3-year bachelor's degree in mass communication.

Rivaldo: Oh, that's great. Best of luck.

Tim: Thank you so much for the wishes and for the directions.

Interacting with Seniors for the First Time.

Yuvi: Hey. My name's Yuvi. I'm a freshman at the university.

Eliana: Hey. Welcome to our university. I'm Eliana. Are you looking for something?

Yuvi: Nah. Not really. I was just trying to meet some seniors.

Eliana: That's nice. So am I the first one?

Yuvi: Yeah. You can say so. My eye caught you, and I decided to strike up a conversation.

Eliana: You're funny. Are you trying to flirt with me?

Yuvi: Oh no. I'm too young to date a senior. I'm just trying to be friendly and make new friends.

Elina: I really like your attitude. You should come and meet my friends. They'll like you, too.

Yuvi: You think so? Great!

Inquiring About Food in the Cafeteria.

Tim: Hello. Do you have a minute?

Eliana: Yes, of course. What's up?

Tim: I'm quite fussy about food quality. Can you tell me if they serve hygienic food in the cafeteria?

Eliana: Well, I've been eating this food for 2 years now. I haven't had any problems with it. I never got sick from it.

Tim: Alright. I'm actually a freshman and wasn't sure about the food quality.

Eliana: I see! Don't worry. You'll survive the cafeteria food.

Talking About Your Interests.

Yuvi: Excuse me. Are you the athletic director for freshmen?

Rivaldo: Yes. How can I help you?

Yuvi: Well, I wanted to sign up for the football club.

Rivaldo: Do you have any experience in playing football or any kind of certification from school?

Yuvi: Yes. I was the team captain and I've played zonals.

Rivaldo: Oh really?! Sounds awesome. It'll be a pleasure to have you with us. Here, fill out this form, please.

Yuvi: So, when can I join the club?

Rivaldo: The procedures for selection have already started. We'll contact you soon for the practice trials.

Yuvi: Alright. Thanks for your time.

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