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In this lesson, you will learn how to react or catch up when you run into someone you know.

I Can't Believe It's You!

Bailey : Hey. Ron?! Is that you?

Ron : Bailey, right? Hey man! How have you been?

Bailey : I'm fine. What about you? It's been years since we last met.

Ron : Yeah, I know. I joined a software company, and was transferred to D.C.

Bailey : Great! You're finally living the dream then.

Ron : If programming for 14 hours straight is a dream, then yes, I am! What's up with you ?

Bailey : Well, I got married last year. I work as a security consultant in a corporation.

Ron : Sounds good! Congrats, buddy. Now that sounds like a dream to me. Let's catch up this weekend.

Bailey : Sure. Here's my card. Just give me a call.

Avoiding Someone.

Paula : Hey Kate! I thought it was you. Remember me?

Kate : Of course. How can I forget ? Hi. Paula.

Paula : How long has it been? High school, right?

Kate : Yep! The good old days.

Paula : Who's this?

Kate : He's Jack. My fiance.

Paula : Oh! Congrats! When is the big day? I won't miss it for anything.

Kate : Well, we haven't decided yet. But I'll call you. Just give me a card or something.

Paula : Here. So, what are you doing this weekend ?

Kate : Actually, we are a bit busy. We're looking for a new house, and his parents are coming to town. But I'll give you a call and we'll plan something.

Paula : Sure. Let's grab a table in that corner and catch up. We've a lot to talk about.

Kate : Err...sorry but we're in a bit of a hurry right now. But it was great seeing you.

Paula : You too. Don't forget to call!

Meeting Your Ex-Boyfriend.

Sam : Hey Jenny! I finally meet you again!

Jenny : Hey Sam! How have you been?

Sam : What can I say? You haven't called me in a month.

Jenny : Sam, we broke up. What did you expect?

Sam : It was kind of sudden, Jenny. You could've at least kept in touch.

Jenny : I'm in a hurry, Sam. I'll call you later.

Sam : Well, you were sitting here all alone before I came. What's the hurry now?

Jenny : Just let it go, Sam. Take care.

A Friend from High-School.

Ron : I'll be! Isn't that Ross Spurdy? Nosey Ross!

Ross : Pardon me?

Ron : Hey, I'm Big Ron. Don't you remember me? We were in high school together!

Ross : Oh my God! Is that you, Ron? You've changed so much!

Ron : You bet, man! You've changed too, but I recognized you right away.

Ross : Whoa! It's nice to see you after so many years.

Ron : I know, buddy! We were best friends back in school days.

Ross : Let's get together this weekend, what do you say?

Ron : Sure, man. I live in the city now. We can catch up anytime.

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