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In this lesson, you will learn about the phrasal verb 'blow up' and its use in your conversations.


Ema: The phrasal verb 'blow up' has several meanings. It means to explode or an explosion. For example: 'The army blew up the bridge to trap the enemy'.

Mark: Right! 'Blow up' is a very versatile phrasal verb. It also means to become angry suddenly. For example: 'Jim's dad blew up when Jim took his car without permission'.

Ema: To 'blow up' also means to fill something with air or gas, like blowing up a balloon.

Mark: That's right. You can also use these words when you mean to enlarge a photograph or an image.

Ema: I see...this phrasal verb really has many different meanings.

Mark: There are more actually. To 'blow up' also means to become famous or successful within a small period of time.

Ema: Alright! Will you also give us an example?

Mark: Sure. For example: 'Johnny Depp blew up as Jack Sparrow after Pirates of Caribbean hit the theaters'.

Ema: Okay, I get it now. But how about some conversations to learn better?

Mark: Yes. Good idea!

The Tent Blew Up.

Sarah: Our tent was blown out by the storm last night.

Nathan: I saw that, it looks like it's been blown up by a bomb.

Sarah: What about the equipment? Is everything alright?

Nathan: Nope! The camera lens is broken!

Sarah: What?! John will blow up when he hears this.

Nathan: Well, we'll have to bear it. There's nothing we can do.

I Have a Foot Pump.

Nathan: Oh great! The tire is flat!

Mark: Don't worry, Nathan. I always keep a foot pump in my car.

Nathan: So, can it blow up the tire?

Mark: Sure it will!

Blowing up a Photo.

Sarah: You haven't done a good job in retouching my photo. Clean the age spots, please!

Ema: Yeah, let me blow up that portion and erase them.

Sarah: Good, you'll see the spots very clearly, if you blow it up.

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