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Making an appointment


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In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you need to make an appointment.

Making an appointment for meeting

Sam: Good morning Jane. This is Sam from Morgan International.

Jane: Good morning. What can I do for you?

Sam: I want to meet you about the requirement of a air-conditioning in your office.

Jane: Oh yes! We want a new air-conditioning plant. Did my assistant Sarah tell you about it?

Sam: Yes, she called us. Can I meet you this Friday morning?

Jane: I am afraid, I am tied up in the morning, but any time after lunch is fine.

Sam: Good. How about 2.30?

Jane: 2.30 sounds fine. You can visit my office.

Sam: Thank you. I will be there. See you on Friday, 2.30.

Jane: Sure Sam! Bye!

Rescheduling the appointment

Jane: Hello, this is Jane from Apex Tech.

Sam: Hello Jane. How are you?

Jane: I’m fine. I am calling about our Friday appointment. I am sorry but I have to cancel the meeting as something urgent has come up.

Sams: Okay. When is it convenient to meet you then?

Jane: Well, I am free Monday morning. Will that be ok?

Sam: That’s fine.

Jane: Great! Then we can meet on Monday at 10.30. Sorry for the change!

Sam: No problem. I can understand.

Making appointment with a friend

Jane: I wanted to know if you fancy playing tennis this weekend.

Lucy: Yea, it will be perfect. Which day?

Jane: I was thinking of Saturday. Is that good for you?

Lucy: I am little busy on Saturday. Are you available on Sunday?

Jane: Yes, Sunday is fine too.

Lucy: Great. What’s better for you? The morning or the afternoon?

Jane: Late morning will be perfect.

Lucy: Okay. I will see you at the club at 11 on Sunday then.

Jane: Great. I will look forward to it.

Appointment with professor

Jane : Professor, I need to talk to you about my project. I need some help with it.

Professor: Well, you can visit me after college today in my office.

Jane : Would you be in after 5 PM?

Professor: Well, not after 5. You can see me around 4 PM if you want.

Jane : Actually I have to go somewhere and I will be back only in the evening. What about tomorrow morning at 10?

Professor: Hmm... 10 tomorrow morning is fine. You can come to my office.

Jane : Thank you professor. I will see you at 10.

Professor: Sure.

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