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In this lesson, we will tell you how to talk about your favourite food.

Talking about your favourite food with your friend

Katy: You know what, Jake?! My aunt asked me to set the menu for my cousin’s marriage.

Jake: Oh! That’s nice. You’re perfect for this job. You’re such a foodie!

Katy: Yaa.... Well, I’m going to add my favorite dishes to the menu.

Jake: Really? Which ones?

Katy: I’m very fond of spaghetti with barbeque sauce.

Jake: Hmmm... I like it too. People would love that.

Katy: Yeah, I think I’ll ask the caterer to serve 7 different styles of Spaghetti to our guests. What do you think?

Jake: 7 Styles? I think that’s overdoing it Katy! Don’t you think so?

Katy: Overdoing it? Of course not! I could eat spaghetti all day! Everyone loves spaghetti.

Jake : I’m going to talk to your aunt about the menu Katy.

The food you like and the food you don’t like

Katy: Hey, Jamie! I hope you like the arrangements. The caterers have everything ready.

Jamie: Oh Yeah Katy. Don’t worry. Everything looks perfect. You did well!

Katy: Thank you Jamie. Have you tried the spaghetti yet?

Jamie: Not yet. I was too busy stuffing myself with Pizzas. I don’t like spaghetti so much.

Katy: You don’t like spaghetti? I can’t believe it. I absolutely love spaghetti!

Jamie: Well, I prefer pizzas. I’m crazy about the double cheese pizza in fact.

Katy: Hmm... Well... you’re the first guy I’ve seen who doesn’t like spaghetti.

Jamie: Yes Katy, some of us are weird.

Eating your friend’s pizza

Katy: Hey Jake. How have you been?

Jake: I’m good Katy. But I’m hungry. What have you got for lunch?

Katy: I have pizza today. Would you like some?

Jake: Sure. I love pizzas. Let me have some.

Katy : Of course Jake, you can eat all of my pizza. I am not hungry today.

Jake : Really Katy? That’s awesome! Which pizza is this?

Katy : It’s a pepperoni pizza.

Jake : Pepperoni? That’s my favorite. Thank you, Katy!

Katy : You’re welcome Jake.

Favorite dish at a restaurant

Katy: This is a great restaurant. They serve authentic Chinese food.

Jake : You like Chinese food, don’t you?

Katy : Yes, I do. The manchow soup here is really special.

Jake : Is it? What’s so special about it?

Katy : They serve it with crunchy noodles on top, and the vegetables are really fresh. It’s yummy!

Jake : Wow! Sounds delicious. I think I’ll have that.

Katy : You’ll really enjoy it Jake!

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I liked dvery much this video. It is awesome. Thanks for all videos!

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