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In this lesson, we will learn what to say when you need to ask for help in a supermarket.

Asking About a Specific Counter

Jack:Hey. I wanted to buy oats. Can you help me out?

Bill: Sure Sir. Which brand are you looking for?

Jack: I’m looking for Kelloggs. On which counter will I find it?

Bill: It’s counter three. It’s at the back, near the dairy section.

Jack: Thanks. Will I find the other brands on the same counter?

Bill: Yes! We have all the major brands displayed there.

Jack: Okay! Thanks for your help.

Bill: You’re welcome.

Checking If Credit Cards Are Accepted

Jack: Hi. I got some stuff and now I’m wondering. Do you take credit cards?

Mary: Yes Sir. We do.

Jack: Do you accept cards from all banks?

Mary: Yes Sir. Any American Bank would do.

Jack: I have a Citibank credit card.

Mary: That would be fine Sir. Can I have your card to swipe?

Jack: Sure. Here it is.

Asking For a Discount

Jack: I have a loyalty card from here. Will that grant me any discount?

Bill: Yes Sir. It will get you 5% off on the total purchase.

Jack: Can I club it with another discount card?

Bill: No Sir. I’m sorry. That’s not allowed.

Jack: Ok. That’s not a problem. Is it going to get me loyalty points too?

Bill: Yes Sir. Every time you pay with it, you get some points which you can redeem later on.

Jack: That’s great. Thanks for the information. I didn’t know that.

Asking For Help While Buying

Jack: Hi. I want to buy some canned tomatoes. But I see none displayed. Do you have more in stock?

Mary: I’m not sure Sir. Which brand do you prefer?

Jack: I don’t have a favorite one. Any of them will do as long as it’s not too expensive.

Mary: Actually all the brands are almost in the same price range. I am sure we have some brands in stock. Let me check.

Jack: Will it take long?

Mary: Not at all Sir. Yes we have some. In aisle 3. Look at the third row from left.

Jack: Okay. Thanks!

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