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In this lesson we will learn how to use the phrases ‘get dressed’ and ‘dress up.’


‘Get dressed’ means to put clothes on, while ‘dress up’ usually means wearing some particular clothes.

Anna: When we say ‘get dressed’, we are saying ‘put clothes on’. For example: We get dressed every day after bathing.

Abel: That’s right. We do not specify the type of clothes when we use it. However we may specify the occasion. For example: “John is getting dressed for the wedding.”

Anna: When we speak of ‘dressing up’ it means to put on some specific clothes. For example: “He dressed up like a ghost last Halloween.”

Abel: Yes, if I say that someone usually dresses up, it means that this person always dresses in fancy dress. My mother always dresses up in her finest!

Anna: I think it’s safe to say that people get dressed every day but don’t dress up every day.

Abel: That is true. Unless this person is my mother! But let’s go now through some conversations.

Conversation: #1

Judy: You looked great when you were dressed up like a bride.

June: Thank you Judy. Everybody looks great in that dress.

Judy: Why do brides dress up in white anyway? I want to wear black in my wedding!

June: Oh, please! Okay, it’s not a rule for brides to dress up in white. Some say that white is actually a symbol of wealth. I really don’t know. But black?!

Judy: Well, truth is I never saw a bride dressed up in black.

June: Black is a colour for mourning, Judy. Now hurry! We are late. Get dressed soon!

Judy: Alrite, alrite!

Conversation: #2

Max: Hey bro, just go take your shower and get dressed fast, will you please?

Abel: I will dress up smart today to impress my boss.

Max: You should dress up smart every day.

Abel: Most of the time I don’t get dressed properly, I am a bit lousy at this, I admit.

Max: Same here dude, it’s boring to dress up all the time!

Conversation: #3

June: Why does it take Paul such a long time to get dressed?

Anna: He does that every day. He says he needs to dress up properly.

June: Would you tell him to get dressed fast, please?

Anna: Usually it doesn’t take him so much time, I must say.

June: It seems he is dressing up in his best today then, huh?

Anna: Okay, I’ll tell him to hurry.

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