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In this lesson we will learn how to use ‘some’ and ‘any’.


The adjectives ‘some’ and ‘any’ have many different functions, but today we will only take a look at a few. ‘Some’ is used to refer to an unspecified number, quantity or name. ‘Any’ is one, some, every, or all without specification.

Anna: Hello, everybody. Today we’re going to talk about ‘some’ and ‘any’.

Joey: Hi, Anna. Hello, everyone. Many people get confused about how to use these adjectives. But we’ll see some good examples.

Anna: Examples! Very good! That’s the best way to understand these words and how to use them.

Joey: You’re absolutely right. Can you tell us when to use ‘some’?

Anna: Sure. We use ‘some’ to talk about unspecified numbers, quantities, or names. For example, ‘Would you like some candy?’ or ‘He has some good friends.’

Joey: Or, ‘Some man called earlier.’ Okay but what about ‘any’?

Anna: Well, we use ‘any’ to talk about one, some, every, or all without specification, right Joey?

Joey: Yes, that’s right. For example, ‘I know you like to read, so, take any book you want.’

Anna: You’re very kind, Joey. The books you read are very good. But the music you listen to...Gosh, I don’t like any of it!

Joey: What can I say? I’m eclectic! And back to our topic, let’s listen to some dialogs where we’ll see ‘any’ and ‘some’ being used.

Offering Things.

Max: Hi, Lexy. Would you like some milk?

Lexy: No, I don’t drink milk. But I would like some juice. Max: What kind of juice do you like?

Lexy: What kind do you have?

Max: You can choose any kind you like, because we have all different kinds of juice.

Lexy: Any kind I want? Well, in that case, I’ll have some guava juice.

Movies and Popcorn.

Anna: Hey, Joey, how about some popcorn while we watch the movie?

Joey: Good idea. What movie are we watching?

Anna: You can choose. I’ll watch any movie.

Joey: Really? Even horror movies?

Anna: Any movie. I love all types of movies.

Joey: Not me…there are some movies that I refuse to watch.

Anna: I’ll watch any Tarantino movie, or any movie with Jodie Foster.

Joey: I like them, too, but some Tarantino movies are too violent, and some of Jodie Foster’s movies are too boring.

Giving Advice.

Max: Hi, Lexy. Would you like some beer?

Lexy: I’d love some, but I have a headache.

Max: Do you want some aspirin?

Lexy: Not really. I don’t take any medication.

Max: Why not?

Lexy: Every time I take some, I feel sick.

Max: You feel sick with any medication?

Lexy: Yes. And some make me sleep a lot.

Max: Well, what do you do when you have a headache?

Lexy: I usually try to get some rest, if I can.

Max: That sounds like a good idea. You should also drink some water, or any kind of juice. But don’t drink any soda.

Lexy: That’s good advice. Thanks, Max.

Max: No problem. Any time.

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