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In this lesson, we will talk about phrases that you can use while placing your order at a restaurant.

How Would You Like Your Steak?

Wally: Can I take your order now?

Maria: Yes. I'll have the house salad, steak, and mashed potatoes.

Wally: How do you like your steak? Rare, medium, or well-done?

Maria: I prefer medium-well. And, please, use very little salt.

Wally: Sure. Would you like anything to drink with that?

Maria: Do you have iced tea?

Wally: Yes, we do. Sweetened or not?

Maria: No sugar, please. But do add a twist of lime.

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Gennie: Are you ready to order?

Kate: Yes. I am. I would like to have two eggs and a side order of ham.

Gennie: How do you want your eggs? Boiled, fried, poached, or scrambled?

Kate: I’ll have them fried, please.

Gennie: How do you like them, sunny side up or over-easy?

Kate: Sunny side up.

Gennie: Anything else?

Kate: Yes. What’s the soup of the day?

Gennie: Today we’re serving our spicy chicken and noodles.

Kate: Sounds delicious. I’ll have that, then. But bring me a cup, not a bowl.

Your Favorite Toppings

Wally: Are you ready to order, miss?

Maria: Sure. I’d like to order a large sausage and cheese pizza.

Wally: Would you like to add extra cheese?

Maria: Yes, please. Can you add extra sausage as well?

Wally: We certainly can. Anything to drink?

Maria: Do you have free refill?

Wally: Yes.

Maria: Give me a medium coke, then.

Wally: If you add a large coke to your order, we serve you a complimentary individual chocolate pan pizza.

Maria: That’s alright. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat all that.

Wally: You can always take it to go and have it later…

Maria: Well, you've convinced me. I’ll have the large coke and the chocolate pan pizza.

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