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In this lesson we will learn how to ask somebody why they are late to/from the office.

Asking a Friend

Jacques: Hey Sara! Where are you?

Sara: Gosh...I’m still in the office!

Jacques: But you told me you’d take a half-day!

Sara: Yeah...but so many people are absent today. I was asked to stay over time!

Jacques: Geez...Sorry Sarah. I’m responsible for this too. I couldn’t make it to work either.

Sara: Hey, you know what? I think I can get out in an hour or so. Let me check with the boss!

Jacques: Alright then. We are waiting for you!

Late at Night

Britney: Jack, are you at work?

Jack: I’m at Mr. Miller’s. I’ll be a little late tonite.

Britney: Mr. Miller’s? What are you doing there honey?

Jack: It’s his son’s birthday today. He gave us a surprise party at his house!

Britney: Oh! Well, when do you think you can be back?

Jack: I want to get out of here as soon I can. I had to come because he’s my boss, you know. Maybe another 15 minutes.

Britney: I will be waiting for you dear.

Asking a Colleague

Sara: Hi Britney!

Britney: Hello there! I was wondering if you were on leave today.

Sara: I am on my way, Britney. Just got late!

Britney: Traffic jam again?

Sara: Even worse! My car broke down.

Britney: Hey, that’s terrible! Do you need any help?

Sara: No. I got it towed. I took a cab.

Britney: Well, see you soon then.

Asking an Employee

Miller: Hello Britney.

Britney: Hello Mr. Miller.

Miller: Are you coming to the office today?

Britney: Yes, I am. I’m almost there.

Miller: You are so late today!

Britney: I’m sorry Mr. Miller but I had some car trouble.

Miller: I see. I didn’t know that.

Britney: Don’t worry, Sir. I will be in the office in 10 minutes.

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