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In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are planning a vacation.

Planning for a family trip

Lara: Do you want to come along with my family for a short trip?

Chip: Where are you guys heading?

Lara: We are planning to go to Texas.

Chip: Wow! That sounds interesting. I am in.

Lara: That’s great. It’ll be really fun.

Chip: I’m looking forward to it!

Going to the Grand Canyon

Chip: Hey Lara! I am thinking about going to Grand Canyon this summer.

Lara : Hmm... But I wanted to go to the beach with you.

Chip : We went to the beach last year. Could we go to the Grand Canyon this time?

Lara : Okay Chip. If you want it that bad, we’ll go to there.

Chip : Thank you! We’ll take a flight.

Lara : Sure! No problems. Book the tickets in advance.

An office trip

Ben : The office is planning 3 day weekend trip to San Francisco. Are you coming?

Chip : When’s that?

Ben : Next Friday. The entire office is going.

Chip : Friday? Oh no! I’ve promised my son we will go fishing that weekend.

Ben : Well, that’s a shame. You won’t come then?

Chip : I don’t think so. I can’t let my son down.

Ben : I understand. We will miss you.

Advance booking

Lara : Hey Chip did you book the hotel and the flights for our vacation?

Chip : Oops! I am sorry Lara. I forgot all about it.

Lara : That’s not good. You must make the bookings today!

Chip : Of course. I am going to go online and book the flight right now.

Lara : Good, and don’t forget about the hotel. We need a double room for 2 days starting Friday.

Chip : Absolutely. I am also going to hire a taxi to take us from the hotel around the town.

Lara : Oh yes! I forgot all about the Taxi. Thanks for remembering that.

Chip : No problems. I will make the bookings right away.

Booking tickets

Agent: How can I help you?

Chip : I would like to make a flight reservation for 22nd day of this month

Agent: Ok. What is your destination?

Chip : Well, I am flying to Tampa, Florida.

Agent: Let me check what flights are available. When will you return?

Chip : I would like to catch a return flight for 30th.

Agent: Do you want to fly out of Los Angeles International or Burbank airport?

Chip : I would like to fly from Los Angeles international airport and prefer taking a morning flight.

Agent: Alright, I have booked a morning flight for you. I am sending you the tickets in e-mail.

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