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In this lesson, we will talk about phrases that you can use while talking about your life’s uncontrollable circumstances.

Couldn't Make it to a Meeting

Robin: Hey Scotchie, where have you been?

Scotchie: I’m so sorry that I didn’t make it to the meeting.

Robin: I noticed you weren’t there. Now please explain. How could you miss such an important meeting?

Scotchie: My brother had a car accident this morning and I had to rush to the hospital.

Robin: Oh! That’s really sad. Is he alright?

Scotchie: Well, he broke his leg. He has a cast now, but he’ll be fine.

Robin: I see. That’s really bad. But Scotchie! You should’ve called..

Scotchie: I’m really sorry Robin. I got so upset by the news that I left without my phone.

Robin: Never mind. The meeting is done now. If you want, you can go back to the hospital and take care of your brother. Take a day off if you need.

Scotchie: Thank you so much Robin. But, my family members are there now. They’ll take care of him.

I Broke the Dinner Set

Sarah: What was this noise?

Rose: I’m sorry. I just dropped the dinner set in the kitchen.

Sarah: Oh my God! Are you hurt?

Rose: No, but I feel awful. This was a very expensive China set.

Sarah: Hey, it’s okay. You didn’t do it on purpose.

Rose: I couldn’t help it. It just slipped off.

Sarah: It’s okay. Lets just clean up the mess first.

Went out of Business

Rose: What happened? Why do you look so worried Robin? Is everything alright?

Robin: No, it’s not alright. I went out of business Rose.

Rose: What? When did that happen?

Robin: Things like this don’t happen overnight.

Rose: That’s too bad. You have owned the business for over 15 years.

Robin: I had put all of my savings in stocks. The market tanked and I lost all the money.

Rose: What are you gonna do now?

Robin: Well, I will start over. I know I can do it. I’ve seen all kinds of trouble but I’ve always survived.

Got Locked In

Sarah: Where were you last night. We were waiting for you at the Den’s.

Scotchie: You won’t believe what happened. I got locked in last night.

Sarah: What do you mean by locked in?

Scotchie: Well, my roommate thought I was out so, when she left, she locked the door from the outside and my keys were in my car along with my phone.

Sarah: Then how did you get out?

Scotchie: Who said I did? I stayed inside all night. She returned back at 4 in the morning.

Sarah: Oh my God! That’s such a funny story.

Scotchie: What can I say? Things happen in life.

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