Are you on Facebook? - Social media English lesson

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In this lesson, we will talk about Facebook.

Asking if someone is on Facebook

Sam: It was nice meeting you, Jenny.

Jenny: Same here Sam. Hope to see you again soon.

Sam: Are you active on Facebook?

Jenny: Yes, Sam. I do have a Facebook account.

Sam: Great ! Err... What name should I use to search your profile?

Jenny: You can use my email ID to find me there.

Sam: That will be great. Thanks Jenny.

Asking someone to add you

Angel: It was nice to meet you, Sam. I would really like to stay in touch.

Sam: Same here. It was great meeting you Angel.

Angel: You know what? You should add me on Facebook!

Sam: Great idea! I’ll certainly do that. You’re on it as Angel, right?

Angel: Yep. Look for Angel Brown from New Orleans. You’ll see my photograph.

Asking a friend to check your pics

Angel: Hey Pauline, how are you doing?

Pauline: I’m doing great. How about you Angel?

Angel.: I’m good too. We partied last night and I uploaded the pictures on Facebook. You should totally check them out.

Pauline: Oh really ?! Well, how can i miss that?! I will certainly do it.

Angel: And I’m sure you’re gonna love them!

Talking About Something you saw on Facebook

Pauline: Hey, Sam. How are you doing?

Sam: I’m good Pauline.

Pauline: Did you notice that I’ve tagged you in some pictures on FB?

Sam: No, I did not. But I’ll be checking my updates in a minute.

Pauline:You must! Everyone was looking awesome at the party. Every pic is simply crazy!

Sam: Sounds cool! I will check them as soon as I get time. Thanks for telling me, Pauline.

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