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In this lesson we will learn what to say when you are being promoted.

You are promoted!

Ethan: Hello Mark. Did you call me?

Mark: Oh yes, Ethan. Please have a seat. I have good news for you.

Ethan: Really?

Mark: There was a meeting yesterday and we decided to make you the new Senior Manager!

Ethan: Oh! That’s fantastic! Thank you!

Mark: Yes, you have worked very hard. You deserve it.

Ethan: Thank you Mark. I am sure I will fulfill the expectations.

Mark: I am sure you will. Keep up the good work, Ethan.

Talking About a Promotion

Ethan: I’m so happy today!

Anna: What? Got a promotion or something?

Ethan: Yup! I’m a Senior Manager now!

Anna: Wow! Congratulations! Who told you? Mark?

Ethan: Yes! He told me that they are very pleased with my work.

Anna: That’s fantastic! You are doing great!

Ethan: Thank you. This puts a lot of responsibility on me. I hope I can do this.

Anna: You will do it, Ethan! You will do great!

Mail from the Headquarters

Anna: Ethan! I’ve got a surprise!

Ethan: Got a promotion too?

Anna: Hell, yes!

Ethan: Whoaa!

Anna: The mail came from the corporate headquarters! I’m promoted to SeniorManager of Marketing!

Ethan:Great Job Anna! Congrats!

Anna: Well, but there’s this damn glitch!

Ethan: What’s that?

Anna: They need me in the corporate head office in Jersey.

Ethan: Oh! So, you’ll have to relocate.

Anna: Yes. I will miss you guys.

Ethan: We will miss you too! But Jersey is a great place!

Assuming Your New Position

John: Congratulations on your new position, Ethan.

Ethan: Thank you, John. I haven’t worked in this department before, so I will need your help.

John: No problems, Ethan. That’s what I am here for.

Ethan: How many people are there in our team?

John: We have 5 people in this department.

Ethan: I think we should have a team meeting where we can get introduced.

John: Good idea. How do you want the meeting?

Ethan: What do you say we go out and get a coffee after work tomorrow?

John: I will update the team. That should be a good start.

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