Another and Other - Difference Between Other and Another - Confusing Words in English

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In this lesson we will learn the difference between ‘other’ and ‘another’.


Liz: The words ‘another’ and ‘other’ are both used in different contexts. They have different meanings.

Adam: That’s correct, Liz. ‘Another’ is used when we talk about a single object or thing. For example:

Liz: This apple is bad. Give me another one.

Liz: I’ll buy another car this year.

Liz: Another cook could have spoiled the broth.

Adam: On the other hand, ‘other’ is used to speak about many objects or things which are different from what we have. For example:

Liz: Can you give me some other apples?

Liz: I’ll check other cars for buying.

Liz: Other cooks are not as good as him.

Adam: ‘Other’ speaks of something which is different. ‘Another’ speaks of something additional or extra. For example:

Liz: Bring me another cup of coffee for now and some other things to eat.

Liz: Another day we will watch other movies that you like. Liz: Another doctor came and asked me to take some other medicine.

Adam: ‘Another’ can also be used when we talk about more than one object, but in a group or a collection. For example:

Liz: I need another five bottles of milk.

Adam: Thank you Liz, for the example. Let’s listen to some conversations now.

It’s Teatime

Bruce: I like this tavern so much.

Merly: Their flavored tea is refreshing.

Bruce: I’ll get another cup of tea.

Merly: I’ll have some other flavor this time.

Bruce: This place is unique. You’ll not find another place like this in the town.

Merly: I don’t think so. Some other places are better than this!

Another Skiing Trip

Merly: Bruce, will you go skiing today?

Bruce: I need some rest, Merly. I’ll go some other day.

Merly: The weather is so good today for skiing! You won’t have another day like this.

Bruce: I want to do other things as well. Let’s go fishing.

Merly: Alright. But we’ll fish on the other side of the lake.

Bruce: No problem! Let me get another 5 liters of diesel then.

Need a Different Pen

Bruce : Can you give me another pen?

Merly : Sure.

Bruce : No, not this one. The other one.

Merly : Yes, but what’s wrong with this one?

Bruce : I need to sign in blue and this is red.

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