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In this lesson you will learn how to talk about alternative and clean energy.

Renewable Energy Sources.

Freda: Sometimes I’m afraid of these wind farms. Don’t you think those large fans will break if a hurricane comes?

Jen: Don’t think of crazy things like that! They’re way too heavy and strong to be blown over by a hurricane.

Freda: I was just wondering. It seems we have no electricity problems now, though.

Jen: Thanks to renewable energy!

Freda: By the way, why is it called renewable energy?

Jen: Because this energy is created by natural sources, like the sun and the wind, which are not exhausted when they’re used.

Freda: They don’t produce any pollution either, right?

Jen: Correct! That’s why they are also called “clean” energy.

Solar Energy.

Billy: Hans, what are you're doing on the roof?

Hans: I’m installing a solar-panel roof! Goodbye, power bills!

Billy: You mean you’ll put solar panels on your roof?

Hans: Yup! My roof tiles were old, anyway.

Billy: Great idea, but what about the rainy season?

Hans: That’ll be fine, I didn't disconnect the power cables.

Billy: So, you’ll use both. Man, I should get a solar roof, too!

Hans: Of course you should, you’ll save money and help the environment!

Clean Energy.

Freda: Billy, have you noticed there’s something different about the city?

Billy: You're right! It feels a bit livelier than before.

Freda: What’s different?

Billy: I think it has something to do with the taxis!

Freda: Taxis?

Billy: The new Mayor ordered all the taxis and public transport to use clean fuels that do not produce much pollution.

Freda: Thanks to the Mayor, this city doesn't stink of oil or smoke anymore!

Talking About Alternative Energies.

Jen: The electricity bill is killing me! They’re going to raise the rates again!

Hans: I think it’s better to switch to alternative energies.

Jen: You mean solar energy?

Hans: For us, yes! But there are other types too, like nuclear power and wind power.

Jen: Yeah! I heard they are also extracting energy from the ocean and seas.

Hans: That’s right. They can even make energy from garbage!

Jen: Hmmm...That’ll really help us control pollution.

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