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In this lesson you will learn how to speak when you wish to do something at some other time.

“I Will Do It Later.”

Kate: Murphy, aren’t you studying?

Murphy: I’ve just finished. Let me watch South Park!

Kate: I guess it’s your turn to clean the kitchen today.

Murphy: We had a deal, Kate. Don’t you remember the laundry?

Kate: Murphy, that deal is already done. I cleaned the carpets! You’d better clean up the kitchen now.

Murphy: Uff...!!! Alright! I’ll do that later. For now, let me watch TV.

Parents Talk About “Do it later”.

Austen: My kids get on my nerves these days.

Lynn: Guess they are not kids anymore!

Austen: Guess not. Every time I tell them to do something, I get a ‘do it later’ reply!

Lynn: My kids say that, too. It’s a teenage problem.

Austen: I never did that when I was a teenager!

Lynn: Then probably you should do it now.

Austen: What do you mean?

Lynn: When your kids ask you for something, reply “I’ll do it later”.

Austen: Yeah, that might be a good solution.

Lynn: I’ve tried it and it brought me good results!

Stopping “I’ll do it later”.

Lynn: Have you already fixed the car, Murphy?

Murphy: No, I was thinking about doing it later in the afternoon.

Lynn: You’ve been saying that since Monday!

Murphy: I promise! It’ll be done by evening. Have you ironed my clothes?

Lynn: No, I will do it later.

Murphy: Please stop saying that! I need to go out.

Lynn: Then go and fix the car right now!

Murphy: Okay! Okay! I got the message.

A Polite Request

Kate: Austen, how are you?

Austen: I’m fine Kate! I was looking for you!

Kate: For me, why?

Austen: Can you review this article for me?

Kate: Sure.

Austen: Actually, I was planning to submit it by this afternoon.

Kate: I need to cook something for the children. Will it be fine if I do it later?

Austen: It’s fine, I’m in no hurry.

Kate: Alright Austen. I’ll do it later for sure!

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