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Let's learn about the idiom 'daylight robbery' in this lesson and how to use it in your conversations.


Duke: Suppose you visit a restaurant to have a cup of coffee which you usually get for $2 every single day, but suddenly they've raised the price to $5! That's a daylight robbery!

Bob: That's surely daylight robbery. The idiom 'daylight robbery' means that somebody is charging you very high prices for something or for some service.

Duke: Yes. Daylight robbery means unfair overcharging. It's an idiom which is used when you are upset or angry.

Bob: That's right, Duke! We can't use it casually or in polite conversations. It's an expression of indignation. Someone who uses this, is probably not going to buy the item which caused this emotion.

Duke: I agree Bob. Sometimes I go to the market and when they try to overcharge me, I tell them it's a daylight robbery and I never buy that thing.

Bob: Good! We mustn't allow people to overcharge us. Let's listen to some conversations now.

Online Shops.

Lily: When did you buy that T-shirt Paul?

Paul: Don't ask. I got it from a new online store.

Lily: For how much?

Paul: I paid $20 online for this, but they charged me an extra $30 for delivery!

Lily: Wow! That's too much. They robbed you in pure daylight.

Paul: Yeah, it's a complete daylight robbery! It's not even branded.

Minda's Motel.

Lily: We had to stay a night in Minda's Motel. It's so expensive!

Paul: I stayed there once or twice. It wasn't so expensive back then.

Lily: They charged us $120 for a very small suite!

Paul: Oh! C'mon. That's daylight robbery. Last time I paid just $60 for the best suite they had!

Lily: $120 for that suite was just not worthy at all!

It's Just a Ball!

Paul: Hey buddy, how much is that ball?

Duke: It's $150.

Paul: Whoa...it's expensive! What's the best price you can give me?

Duke: I'm afraid there's no bargaining. The price is fixed.

Paul: Man, just because you are the only sports shop in town, it doesn't mean you can do a daylight robbery!

Duke: Sorry, but that's a limited edition ball signed by Messi. I can show you another one at a good price from a different brand.

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