Talking About Your Job - Business English Dialogues

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In this lesson you will learn about the phrases that you can use while talking about your job and expectations.

I Need a Job.

Anna: I need a job. Find me one.

Barney: Err.. But, I thought you already had one.

Anna: I did. But I got laid off last week

Barney: Oh. Why didn't you let me know?

Anna: I think I'm doing it right now. Letting you know!

Barney: Was it just you who got laid off?

Anna: No, ten of my colleagues got laid off, too.

Barney: Ok. I'll talk to my boss. Maybe I can get you an interview at my office.

Anna: Thanks. Till then, I'll just keep checking the job ads in the newspaper.

Barney: Good luck!

Not Satisfied With Your Job.

Betty: My job is such a pain. I really can't take it anymore!

Richard: What do you do?

Betty: I'm a babysitter.

Richard: Err.. I don't think that's such a lot of work. Is it?

Betty: What do you know about babies? They cry all the time. And when they aren't crying, they are either pooping or eating.

Richard: You do sound like you need a new job! Are you already looking for another one?

Betty: Yes, I'm looking online and in the newspaper.

Richard: That's a good idea.

Suggesting a Job.

Betty: Does your daughter talk about her job aspirations?

Anna: Yes, and she often asks me what jobs are the best.

Betty: What do you tell her?

Anna: Teaching is a great job. I always advise her to be a teacher.

Betty: What makes it so good?

Anna: I've had a good experience with my students. And teaching is much better than working in multinationals and corporate. They just don't let you live your life.

Betty: I think you're right. I'm going to tell my daughter the same.

Working Is So Not Easy!

Richard: I thought school was hard and graduation harder. But now I realize that's not true.

Barney: What happened? Why do you sound so philosophical?

Richard: This work life is so hard. At least we enjoyed ourselves in school and college on regular days. Here we have to work every day, day in and day out.

Barney: I agree. Sometimes I wish I could be back to school.

Richard: Me, too. It went by pretty fast.

Barney: We have to work for at least 40 more years!

Richard: Oh, man...I need to win the lottery!

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