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Let's learn how to use the idiom 'a bitter pill' in your conversations!


Wesley: Linda, let's talk about the idiom 'a bitter pill'. This idiom is used to define something which is unpleasant but inevitable.

Linda: That's right. It is something which must be accepted even if it is not going to be a good experience, or may cause grief. The news of our defeat for instance, will be a bitter pill for our sports teacher.

Wesley: Absolutely! 'A bitter pill' defines disappointment or humiliation. Here's another example: it's a bitter pill for Peter that he hasn't been selected for the scholarship.

Linda: Poor Peter! We can also use the idiom as 'a bitter pill to swallow'. ''A bitter pill'' is something which is hard to accept, which is difficult to endure.

Wesley: You are correct. For me it'll be a bitter pill to swallow, if I cannot get admitted to St. Peters.

Linda: Hmmm...but if you move to Detroit, your mom and dad will be all alone at home. It'll be a bitter pill to swallow for them if you go away.

Wesley: I have no worries about that. My elder brother and sister-in-law are moving here from San Francisco for good!

Linda: Great news!

Wesley: Yes Linda, it'll surely help me. Let's listen to some conversations now.

Polluting by Corporations.

Frank: The environmental organisation has sued us, Wesley.

Wesley: That's what I was afraid of; I warned Gary not to dump the debris in the lake.

Frank: We might lose our registration status with the Chamber of Commerce.

Wesley: It's a bitter pill but that was inevitable. The chairman should've listened to me.

Car Hit a Lamp Post.

Frank: Hi Vera, where's your new car?

Vera: Oh! Don't even ask. My son drove it last night and hit a lamp post. It will cost me $3000 to have it fixed.

Frank: Wow! This gotta be a bitter pill to swallow!

Vera: Sure it is. Now I have to work overtime to come up with the money.

Plant Closed Down.

Vera: Linda, have you heard about the factory?

Linda: I heard they will shut down two plants.

Vera: Yes, including the one in our town. Many people will be laid off.

Linda: Wow, that's a bitter pill to swallow!

Vera: Especially if we're two of the unemployed!

Linda: We better get back to work and stay alert! I don't want to be chosen for the lay-offs.

Vera: Let's go!

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