Borrowing and Returning Money - Financial English Lesson

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In this lesson, we will see some phrases people use when they are talking about borrowing and returning money.

Borrowing Money from a Friend.

Carl: Why do you look so upset?

Derek: Well, I'm a bit worried.

Carl: Why? What happened?

Derek: An unexpected expense came up. Can you lend me some money?

Carl: Sure. How much do you need?

Derek: Well, I need $300.

Carl: That shouldn't be a problem. I'll get it for you after lunch.

Derek: Thank you so much, Carl. I'll return it to you on my next payday.

Carl: Alright. That'll be good.

Asking for Your Money Back.

Carl: Hey Derek! How's everything?

Derek: I'm good, Carl. What's up?

Carl: Well...you said you'd pay back the borrowed $300 by next payday. That was a week ago.

Derek: Oh. I'm so sorry, Carl. I got jammed up with some family issues. Totally forgot about it.

Carl: I understand but I need it back.

Derek: Sure. Here you are. And I'm very sorry for the delay.

Carl: It's Okay. I know you've been going through a lot.

Returning Money.

Samantha: Hey Frank. Where have you been? I've been looking for you everywhere.

Frank: What happened, Samantha?

Samantha: I just wanted to return the money that I borrowed from you last week. Here it is.

Frank: Oh, you shouldn't have worried so much. There was no hurry.

Samantha: Really?! Then should I keep it longer? Like in.. forever?

Frank: Nice try! Thanks for keeping your word. To be honest, I was just being polite. I'm happy to get this money back.

Samantha: You make it sound like I'm your lifesaver today, huh?

Frank: Sure thing.

Samantha: Anyways, thanks for helping me.

Denying to Lend Money.

Frank: Hey Derek. Do you have some extra money I could borrow?

Derek: How much do you need?

Frank: Maybe a thousand dollars.

Derek: I'm sorry, man. I won't be able to lend you that much!

Frank: How much could you lend me?

Derek: Truth is I can't lend you any!

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