Talking About Public Transportation - Public Transport Vocabulary

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In this lesson, we will learn the phrases that you can use to talk about commuting in public transportation.

Need a Bus to Las Vegas?

Tyra : John, I need some advice.

John : Sure Tyra. What is it?

Tyra : I need to go to Las Vegas for a conference. Can you tell me if I can get a bus?

John : A conference in Vegas? That sounds awesome!

Well, you can easily find a bus from the interstate.

Tyra : Any idea when the bus leaves?

John : I've used it once. I think it leaves at 7.30 AM. But do check. Maybe you can call them.

Tyra : Hmm...Yeah. I will call them and find out.

A Subway Ride.

Winnie : Alright, so it's decided. I'll see you at 6.30 at the Central Station.

John : I'll be there Winnie, but can't we make it a bit later? What about 7?

Winnie : I'll be taking the 6PM subway train so I'll get there by 6.30. But no problems, I'll hang around.

John : Why don't you take a bus instead?

Winnie : I don't like traveling on buses, John. The subway is faster and safer.

John : You're right about that.

Do I Need to Change Buses?

Tyra : I need to get to Westport St. this evening. Does a bus go there from Newtown?

Winnie : Well, I don't think so. It's a small street at the other end of town. I think you'll need to change at Westbanks.

Tyra : Change the bus? That's going to take me so much time. Isn't there a better way?

Winnie : You could always go by car, or take the subway.

Tyra : Is there a subway stop at Westport?

Winnie : No, but there's one at Westbanks and you can get a bus from there.

Which Train Should I Take?

John : Excuse me. I need to go to Rock street. Can you tell me which train to take?

Terry : Rock Street? Isn't that near Smith's Walk?

John : Yes, that's right. Smith's Walk is right nearby.

Terry : Take the Green line, and get down at Browning Street. From there take a cab.

John : How far is it from Browning Street?

Terry : About 2 KMs I think. You could walk too.

John : The weather is nice today. I might walk. Thank you for your help.

Terry : No problem. It's a pleasure to be of help.

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