Making a Hotel Reservation - English Phrases for making Reservation

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In this lesson you will learn how to book a hotel by calling in advance.

Reserving a room

Rouf: Hello, is this the Parkland Residency?

Hans: Yes, I am Hans. How may I help you?

Rouf: I'd like to book a room for tomorrow.

Hans: For how many people?

Rouf: Just me.

Hans: Okay Sir. What's your complete name, please?

Rouf: Rouf Hughes. What is the total cost?

Hans: That would be $120 per night.

Rouf: No problem. Book the room for one night, please.

Hans: Sure, may I know your cell phone number?

Rouf: Yes, it's 345 344.

Hans: Thank you. How would you like to pay?

Rouf: I can pay through credit card.

Hans: Okay. I will call you back in about 10 minutes to confirm your booking.

Rouf: Thank you very much.

Enquiring About Availability.

Rouf: Parkland Residency, this is Rouf. How may I help you?

Windy: Hi, I'm Windy Dakota. I was wondering if I can get a good suite for the 12th of this month?

Rouf: Sorry Miss Dakota, we have no vacant suites for that day.

Windy: Alright, then what about the 24th?

Rouf: Please give me a moment.

Windy: Sure.

Rouf: Yes, suites are available for that day, would you like to book one?

Windy: I'll have to call you back, thank you.

Rouf: No problem.

Finding out About Rates.

Hans: Hello, this is Hans Schefield. What are your rates per day for a room?

Selene: Mr. Schefield, we have rooms ranging from $100 to $500 per day.

Hans: What's the price for family suite with 2 beds?

Selene: Deluxe family suites start from $450. May I know for how many people you would need the suite?

Hans: We are four. Two adults and two kids.

Selene: Great. It would be $500 for the best suite.

Hans: Ah! That's expensive. Let me know if there's a good room facing the sea.

Selene: One second... Yes, we have a fine sea-view suite for you. It is $350.

Hans: Now that sounds nice!

Selene: Will you be booking it, Mr. Schefield?

Hans: Yes, please.

Finding out How to Pay.

Selene: Front desk, Hotel La Belle. How may help you?

Windy: Yes, I called you an hour earlier. I'm Windy Dakota.

Selene: Yes, Miss Dakota. Would you like to book a room now?

Windy: Yes. But what are my payment options?

Selene: We accept all types of credit cards. There is also a special rebate of 5% on American Express cards.

Windy: That's fine, but the problem is I don't have a card! I only have a Visa checking account.

Selene: Okay...No problem.

Windy: Can I use my checking account?

Selene: Yes, certainly. You can use the debit card connected to your checking account.

Windy: Thank you!

Selene: You are welcome, Miss Dakota.

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