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In this lesson we are going to hire a lawyer.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket

Lizzy : Hello. Is this Duke & Smith Law Firm?

Duke : Yes. You are speaking to attorney George Duke.

Lizzy : Mr. Duke, I am Lizzy Rodhes. I was driving on 76 Maple Street today and I got a ticket for a U-turn. I want to contest it in court.

Duke : What’s your view about the ticket?

Lizzy : There was no sign where I turned. There’s no way I could have known.

Duke : Did you check the area?

Lizzy : Yes, after the officer booked me, I got down and had a careful look, but he just wouldn’t listen.

Duke : Ms. Rodhes, come over the office and bring us the ticket. We’ll make sure the charge is reversed.

Hiring a Lawyer for a Minor Crime

Nathan : Hello Mr. Evans. I am attorney Nathan Wells.

Evans : Mr. Nathan, how many cases of this type have you handled?

Nathan : Trespassing is a minor misdemeanor. You will only have to pay a fine.

Evans : How long will it take for this case to be resolved?

Nathan : If you tell the judge you made a mistake and apologize it will be over fast.

Evans : Yeah. I didn’t destroy any property. I can apologize. How much will it cost me?

Nathan : Maybe $300.

Hiring a Lawyer for Business

Lizzy : So, Mr. Duke. What are your specializations?

Duke : I’ve specialized in IP and business law from Washington College of Law.

Lizzy : Guess I’m in the right place then!

Duke : Yes you are. However, we work only on contract basis.

Lizzy : How does that work?

Duke : If I take you up as a client, you will have to make a commitment to use me as your counsel for all your legal business affairs.

Lizzy : I have no problem with that!

Duke : Alright Ma’am. Let’s check out the documents you’ll need.

Hiring a Disability Attorney

Nathan : How are you Mr. Evans?

Evans : Not so fine Mr. Nathan. Can you help me to get my disability claim?

Nathan : Yes I can! Your case is very strong.

Evans : That’s fine but how much time you would need?

Nathan : I’ll have to check the details.

Evans : And what’s the fee?

Nathan : Nothing up front, but 25% of the money you will receive.

Evans : That much? A lot of my money will go to your fee, Mr. Nathan.

Nathan : Hmm... Mr Evans. For you maybe I can make it 20%. I want to help you.

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