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In this lesson we will learn the phrases that you can use to talk to the airline staff.

I Want Another Blanket.

James: Could I get another blanket, please? I’m a little cold.

Air Hostess: Sure. Would you like to have one or two?

James: I think one will be enough.

Air Hostess: Alright. Would you like anything else?

James: No. That’ll be all. Thank you.

Air Hostess: You’re welcome. I’ll be right back with your blanket.

What’s the Flight Schedule?

Emily: Excuse me, how long will it take to reach Seattle?

Air Hostess: It’ s a long journey. We still have 5 hours before landing.

Emily: Will there be any more meals before we land?

Air Hostess: Yes, another meal will be served in 2 hours, but I can get you a small snack now, if you like.

Emily: Yes, that would be great.

Air Hostess: No problem. I’ll be back in a moment with your snack.

Asking for a Drink.

James: Can I get something to drink, please?

Flight Attendant: Sure. Staying hydrated is important on these long flights. What would you like to drink?

James: I’d like some apple juice if you have it.

Flight Attendant: Yes, we do. Would you like to have ice in it?

James: No. It’s already quite cold here. Just get me a plain glass of juice.

Flight Attendant: Sure. Just give me a moment. I’ll be right back with it.

Asking for a Pen.

Flight Attendant: Here’s an arrival card for immigration, Ma’am.

Emily: Thanks, and I also need a pen. Could you lend me one, please?

Flight Attendant: Another cabin crew member will be bringing pens around in a moment.

Emily: That’s good. I need to fill out this immigration form before we land.

Flight Attendant: Remember it should be filled out using black ink. Someone will bring you a pen shortly.

Emily: Thanks a lot.

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