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In this lesson you will learn about the idiom ‘dead meat’ and how it is used.


Seth: ‘Dead meat’ is an idiom which is sometimes used to threaten someone. It means that the person will be doomed or ruined.

Jane: Threatening is never a nice thing to do, but suppose I’m threatening you. I would say, ‘You are dead meat, Seth’.

Seth: That’s correct! But it was just an example, right?

Jane: Of course! I didn’t mean it! However, if dad finds out that you’ve started smoking, you are dead meat.

Seth: I’ll handle dad! So the idiom may also be used to speak of eminent danger or some trouble which might be approaching.

Jane: Yes, that’s it. The idiom means that someone will be severely punished somehow.

Seth: Okay. Now let’s listen to some conversations to understand how to use it.

Jane: Good idea.

Jack Is Dead Meat!

Garrett: Jack got completely wasted yesterday.

Amy: Yeah, he shouldn’t have drunk that much.

Garrett: I heard he was so drunk that he tried to get into his neighbor’s house by mistake.

Amy: Isn’t his neighbor a cop?!

Garrett: Yup!

Amy: Man! This time Jack is dead meat!

Let Dad Come.

Garrett: Amy, are you talking to Anthony again?

Amy: Err...yes. Why?

Garrett: Did you forget dad’s warning? This Anthony’s a bad apple!

Amy: It wasn’t my fault! He called me from a different number!

Garrett: You’re dead meat if dad finds out!

Worried Amy.

Garrett: Amy, why are you so upset today?

Amy: I forgot to study for the history exam, and I think I flunked.

Garrett: Are you serious? If you fail this test, you’re dead meat! You won’t graduate.

Amy: I really blew it this time.

Garrett: It was foolish not to study but...there’s always next year!

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