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Let’s learn some phrases that you can use to talk about your housing plans!

Moving in 2 Days.

Tracey: It’s so hot in here. Don’t you have an air-conditioner in your apartment?

Alice: I’m moving to a new place in a couple of days. I had the air-conditioner uninstalled.

Tracey: Oh! But, how will you make it through this scorching heat?

Alice: Did you see that window there? It’s a natural air-conditioner. The problem is that it’s just a little less powerful than the artificial one.

Tracey: That wasn’t funny at all.

Alice: Well, I'm going to move out anyway. I can handle a little heat for 2 days.

Tracey: You should move out today.

Alice: I have to wait until the lease expires, you know.

A Friend Rented a New Place.

Marci: Has Denice moved out?

Karen: Yes. She moved out a couple of days ago.

Marci: Why didn’t she tell me she was leaving already? Where is she staying?

Karen: She’s now living in a very nice and quiet neighborhood. I don’t know the exact place though.

Marci: I wonder if she’s paying more rent.

Karen: I don't have a clue. Even if she is, it's still worth it, isn't it?

Marci: You're right! I think she's made the right decision by leaving that noisy apartment.

Karen: Absolutely. She must be happier now.

Asking About the Availability of an Apartment.

Karen: Hello. I'm calling in regards to the apartments you advertised for rent.

Alice: Yes. What kind of apartment are you looking for?

Karen: I'm interested in a one-bedroom apartment. Would you have any available?

Alice: As a matter of fact, I do have one on Rocky Street. When do you wish to see it?

Karen: Maybe next week. Can you tell me about the rent, please?

Alice: Well, the monthly rent is $550, with a $600 security deposit.

Karen: Oh, that sounds good. Is it possible to see the property tomorrow?

Alice: Sure, I can take you there. What time would you like to come?

Karen: How about 12PM?

Alice: Good. May I have your name, please?

Karen: My name is Karen.

Alice: Alright Karen. I'll see you tomorrow.

Talking About Redecorating.

Karen: I’m thinking about buying a new furniture set for our living room. What do you say?

Marci: I think it’s a good idea. We haven’t updated our home since we moved in here.

Karen: Yeah. I saw quite an elegant and super quality set at HomeTown.

Marci: Then, why didn’t you order it?

Karen: I wanted to talk to you first. Anyways, we can go there tomorrow and look at the samples in the showroom.

Marci: Alright. Let’s see what you’ve chosen for the new look of our apartment!

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