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In this lesson you will learn how to use the phrasal verb ‘settle down’ in your conversations.


Mark: Let’s learn about the phrasal verb ‘settle down’!

Vindy: To ‘settle down’ is to become calm and composed. My children settle down when Mr. Bean is on.

Mark: Right. Settling down means to quit moving around or making noise.

Vindy: Settling down also means to stabilize in your life; when you don’t expect much change in your job or family.

Mark: Do you mean to marry?

Vindy: Yes, many people use ‘settle down’ to say they’re getting married, starting a family, having kids, etc.

Mark: Okay, Okay, I got it. It means to give up living a youthful carefree life with lots of changes and movement and start living a normal stable life, right?

Vindy: Exactly! Before settling down here in Minnesota I used to travel a lot.

Mark: Got it. The phrase ‘settle down’ is used even when someone needs to stop a fight or an argument. Am I correct, Vindy?

Vindy: Yeah, that’s the phrase we use to command someone to stop doing something and become quiet, especially when the person is making a fuss.

Mark: Alright. Should we see some more examples in context?

Vindy: Sure! Let’s listen to some conversations.

Noisy Kids.

Aron: Why are the kids making such a noise?

Nova: They want to watch TV.

Aron: Then turn on the TV and make them settle down.

Nova: Good luck with that!

Aron: Watch me. Alright, kids. Settle down and sit near the TV. I’m turning it on.

Settling Down.

Vindy: Nova, so what’s next after moving?

Nova: What do you mean? I’m moving to Michigan to be close to my family.

Vindy: Are you settling down by yourself?

Nova: Yeah! My boyfriend needs to finish college first.

Vindy: I see. George is a good man, dear. When it’s time, I’m sure you’ll settle down and be happily ever after.


Aron: Why don’t you keep an eye on Nova, Mark?

Mark: Why? What happened?

Aron: She’s very frustrated by the project. Today I saw her throw a pen at the wall.

Mark: I’ll see if I can get her to settle down.

Aron: Yes, after all, it’s just work. In time, it will get done.

Mark: We should all settle down and stop getting so angry over work.

Aron: Agreed.

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