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In this lesson, you will see phrases you can use to talk about unfortunate events.

Hit-and-Run Case.

Emma: The cops found out who was responsible for the crash!

Gippy: What crash?

Emma: Didn’t you hear about it? Someone hit our neighbour’s kid yesterday and ran away.

Gippy: Oh my God! How’s she?

Emma: A pedestrian called 911 in time but she is still in ICU.

Gippy: Gosh. I hope she gets well soon. What are they going to do with the driver?

Emma: Well...hit-and-run is a serious offense. I hope he gets jail time.

Gippy: So do I.

Robbery in the Neighbourhood.

Sam: This is so unfortunate! When did it happen?

Gippy: Yes, it is. Apparently the thieves broke into our house last night.

Sam: Where were you?

Gippy: We were away for a weekend trip. We came back today and saw a broken lock.

Sam: Do you suspect anyone?

Gippy: I don’t! But maybe the police officers have some leads.

Sam: Thank God your stuff is insured. At least you’ll get the money.

Gippy: Yeah! That’s right. It’s at least some comfort.

I’ve Lost My Money!

Sam: Why do you look so upset, Emma?

Emma: Oh. Don’t even ask, Sam! I’m terribly broke for this month.

Sam: Why? You were supposed to get your salary today. The month has just begun.

Emma: Sure. The month’s just begun and I’ve lost my wallet which had all my money in it.

Sam: What are you saying? Where did you lose it?

Emma: I have no idea. I must have left it somewhere, but I can’t remember where.

Sam: I’m so sorry to hear it. What are you going to do for the rest of the month?

Emma: I’ll ask my parents to transfer me some funds.

Sam: Good to know you have an option.

My Dog Died.

Sam: Hey, Emma! I am so sorry that Puffy died!

Emma: Hi, Sam. Thank you. He was an old dog. It was his time.

Sam: You had him for many years. It must be hard.

Emma: Yes, I miss him very much.

Sam: Is there anything I can do? Let me take you to lunch.

Emma: Thanks, you’re a good friend.

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