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This lesson will help you learn the correct usage of ‘Is’.


Robert: Hello Betty! In today’s lesson, we will see how to use ‘Is’ correctly.

Betty: How is that useful?

Robert: See, you have used ‘Is’ already, proving that it is an important part of most sentences in English.

Betty: Yeah! When I read about the usage of ‘Is’, I learnt that it is a present tense form of the verb ‘To be’ and is used to denote a single person or thing.

Robert: That’s a great definition of ‘Is’! It is also used for a third person context i.e., if you are talking about someone else other than us.

Betty: Oh, yeah! I cannot say “I is going to swim”. Something is wrong about that.

Robert: That’s right! You can use ‘Is’ only for ‘He’ , ‘She’, ‘It’ or if you are addressing the name of the person/thing. When you use ‘I’, you have to use ‘am’.

Betty: I get it now. How is your son?

Robert: He is very fine, thank you for asking! He is a very active kid and has many friends.

Betty: It’s good to know.

Robert: By the way, is this your book? I found it in the classroom yesterday, after everyone had left.

Betty: It is not mine but I think it is Sarah’s. I’ve seen her reading it.

Robert: Okay, I’ll check with her. Where is your house?

Betty: My place is nearby. It is just down the lane, around the corner.

Robert: Oh, I didn’t know you lived this close. It is great to have you in this neighborhood.

Betty: Thanks! Should we listen to some conversations now?

Robert: Sure, here you go!

Driving in the Snow!

Carl: Hey Gina! Is it snowing outside?

Gina: Yes, it is Carl. The snow is ankle deep.

Carl: Oh God! My wife is waiting for me to pick her up.

Gina: Is she? Then you must at least call her.

Carl: I have to, yes! It will take time to get there.

Gina: Okay, and is your car in good condition?

Carl: Yeah, it was serviced just yesterday.


Max: Who is up for a movie?

Minnie: I am! I heard the new thriller is a good one.

Max: Okay, hope we get tickets.

Minnie: How is your mom? I heard she is suffering from ill health.

Max: She hurt her leg while climbing the stairs. She is recovering.

Minnie: Oh! I’m sorry.

Max: She’ll be okay! It is getting late, we should go.

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