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In this lesson, we’re going to learn commonly used sentences when you’re at a restaurant.

Asking for a table

John: Table for one, please.

Waiter: Follow me, Sir.

Ordering your food – Situation 1:

John: Can I have the menu?

Waiter: Here it is, Sir.

John: What do you recommend?

Waiter: The Grilled Chicken with Tomato Sauce is a good choice.

John: Hmm...It sounds like a good idea. I’ll have the Chicken and a glass of wine, please.

Waiter: Sure. I’ll be right back with your order.

Ordering your food – Situation 2

Waiter: Would you like to order now, Sir?

John: Yes, I’d like The Spicy Chicken and Vegetables, please.

Waiter: Would you like something to drink?

John: I’ll have an orange juice.

Waiter: I’m afraid we’re out of oranges, Sir.

John: That’s okay, just bring me the Iced Tea instead.

Waiter: Yes, Sir. I’ll be right back.

Solving doubts about the menu

John: Could I have my Caesar Salad served with the sauce on the side?

Waiter: Yes... And would you like the croutons also on the side?

John: That’d be very good, thank you.

Waiter:You’re welcome.

Paying the bill – Situation 1

John: Could you check us out, please?

Waiter: Here you are.

John: Can I pay with Visa?

Waiter: Yes, you can.

Paying the bill – Situation 2

John: Could I have the bill?

Waiter: In a minute, sir. Are you paying with a card?

John: Yes, MasterCard.

Waiter: There you are.

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