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In this lesson you will learn how to speak in English to a travel agent.

Booking a Ticket.

Mike: Hello, I need to schedule my trip to Paris for next week?

Henrita: When would you like to travel?

Mike: I have to reach Paris by the 24th.

Henrita: Is this a round trip? Will you need a return ticket, too?

Mike: Yes. Check that for 31st in the evening.

Henrita: Yes, there’s a nonstop flight to Paris from Kennedy airport on 24th at 6AM. On 31st you may board flight 309 which is also nonstop at 4:30PM.

Mike: Okay, fine. I think that can work for me.

Henrita: Would you like to book the tickets then?

Mike: What’s the cost?

Henrita: It’ll be $2750.

Mike: Do you accept cards?

Henrita: Yes, we do.

Booking a Hotel.

Mike: I’d like to book a hotel in Paris, please.

Henrita: Sure, we can help you find a great place.

Mike: Well, I need a budget hotel that’s near the marketplaces.

Henrita: Certainly, just give me a sec...Okay, here’s one. It’s the Belladonna on Locke Avenue.

Mike: What are the rates for 1 person?

Henrita: It costs $150 per night. The room is big and has one queen size bed.

Mike: Okay, book that for 3 nights then, from 24th to 26th of this month.

Henrita: Certainly Sir, is there anything else I could help you with?

Mike: That’d all for now, thank you!

Enquiring for a Lower Fare.

Jack: How may I help you?

Emma: I need to book three tickets in economy class for Tokyo on the 28th of May.

Jack: Okay...Yes, here’s a flight on ANA from San Francisco to Tokyo. Would you like the return tickets, too?

Emma: No, just one way. How much is the fare?

Jack: It would be $5570 for the three tickets.

Emma: Are there any other cheaper flights?

Jack: This is the cheapest for that day. However, if you book for the 1st of June, you’ll have to pay only $4800 for three tickets on JAL.

Emma: I see. Let me talk to my husband and call you back.

Cancelling a Booking.

Emma: Hello, I need to cancel my flight to Tokyo.

Jack: Okay. Do you know the date and the reservation number?

Emma: I booked it yesterday. It’ll be under Emma Brown, number Z21455.

Jack: Alright, here’s it. It’s flight 1200 to Tokyo on June 2nd, right? Seat numbers 88A and 88B...

Emma: Yeah, yeah. That’s the one.

Jack: Would you like to cancel both of them?

Emma: Yes.

Jack: You will get back only 85% of the fare.

Emma: I understand.

Jack: Alright. Would you like to schedule another flight?

Emma: No, but I will be back to you soon.

Jack: Thank you Mrs. Watson, let me cancel your ticket.

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