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In this lesson, we will see what prepositions are and how to use them.


Martha: What are prepositions?

Andy: Prepositions are those words that form a link between nouns, pronouns and phrases in a sentence. Though a preposition is just a small part of the sentence, it is important for the meaning of the sentence.

Martha: It seems like they will be the key part to answer When, Where and How questions about the statement.

Andy: That’s brilliant, Martha! Can you give me a few examples of prepositions?

Martha: Sure, words like ‘For’, ‘Of’, and ‘In’ are prepositions.

Andy: Right, these words connect parts of sentences and clarify the meaning. Some other prepositions are: ‘Between’, ‘About’, ‘Like’ and ‘To’.

Martha: This lesson is very interesting! Masha, did you understand what a preposition is?

Masha: I did. But I am still not confident on how to identify them.

Andy: You just need to apply what Martha explained. Try to ask the questions ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ about the statement. The part which answers your questions will mostly give you the preposition.

Martha: Also remember that the preposition will come before the noun or between 2 nouns, pronouns or phrases.

Masha: Oh! I see. I kept my bag under the table. Here, ‘under’ is the preposition.

Andy: That’s great, Masha! Did you come alone to the class?

Masha: I came with Martha by car. Here ‘With’ and ‘By’ seem to be the prepositions.

Andy: You are right, Masha! We all are sitting inside the classroom, hence we are protected from the rain.

Martha: Yes, we will leave after the rain stops. You used ‘inside’ and ‘from’, while I used ‘after’ as prepositions.

Andy: You have cracked the concept! Let us now listen to some sample conversations using few other prepositions.

Put away the Bags!

Tina: Bobby, keep your feet off the floor till I tell you. I’m cleaning.

Bobby: You’re always cleaning! My bags are under the couch, so be careful!

Tina: Don’t make a fuss! I can’t clean without moving your bags.

Bobby: Okay, I will put them on the couch for now.

Tina: If you are not using them, why don’t you put them in the loft above the bed?

Bobby: Alrite, I will do that!

Car Parking.

Bobby: Hey Tina! Whose car is parked behind yours?

Tina: It is Parker’s. He’s been doing it since last month.

Bobby: Okay. Do you know any hardware store near here?

Tina: There is one down the street.

A Busy Day.

Tina: Honey, will you be available on your cell today?

Bobby: Yes dear, but I won’t be available during the meeting.

Tina: It is from 1PM to 2PM, right?

Bobby: Yes, I will drop the kids at my parents place for today.

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