Expressing Your Positive Emotions - Express Your Emotions In English

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In this lesson, we will see some phrases that you can use to express your positive emotions to your friends and loved ones.

Expressing Gratitude.

Julia: Are you crying?

Thomas: No. I’m just feeling bad for my parents.

Julia: Why? What happened?

Thomas: They sold their favorite car to fund my college. I’m really grateful to them.

Julia: Don’t worry. It will benefit the whole family. You can buy them a new sedan once you settle down in your career.

Thomas: Yes, you’re right. I’ll pay them back someday.

Expressing Hope.

Julia: So, are you ready for the fashion show?

Karen: I don’t know. I’m just feeling a little nervous.

Julia: Don’t worry; everything should go as planned.

Karen: I hope so. I’ve worked for this, and I think I’ll be able to get it right.

Julia: That’s the right attitude. Keep your trust and do your best.

Karen: Thanks a lot for showing so much faith in me.

This Is So Exciting!

Karen: Guess what? I got the job!

Thomas: Hooray! This is excellent!

Karen: Oh, yes. I’m moving to LA for my dream job!

Thomas: Congratulations, Karen. At last you got what you’ve always wanted.

Karen: Yes. I’m just so excited. Let me call everyone and tell them the good news!

Thomas: Yeah, you should. And I wish you all the best for your career ahead.

Karen: Thank you so much, dear.

Pure Pride.

Thomas: I’m so proud of my sister. She bagged a job for herself in LA.

Albert: Yeah. She told me so.

Thomas: She did, huh?! She makes me feel really proud.

Albert: She’s really excited about it, and she should be.

Thomas: She worked very hard to get the job. I’m sure she’s going to be a big name in the fashion industry in the coming years.

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