Talking About Voting - Elections Vocabulary

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In this lesson you will learn about the phrases that you can use while talking about elections.

Whom Did You Vote For?

Albert: Will you vote today?

Brian: Already did. I went in the morning. How about you?

Albert: I voted too. So, whom did you vote for?

Brian: I voted for the Republicans.

Albert: Me too. Do you think we did right?

Brian: Yes. I think they’re raising some valid issues.

Albert: Hopefully the next four years will be good years.

Why Do We Vote?

Pinky: I don’t know why this voting system even exists!

Brian: What’s wrong with it?

Pinky: What good does it do for us?

Brian: You get the opportunity to put your favorite candidate in power.

Pinky: But even if my candidate wins, he’ll forget all his promises.

Brian: That may be true. Some politicians don’t keep many of their promises.

Pinky: Right. And this really upsets me.

Brian: Let’s just try and elect better representatives for this term.

Did He Really Win the Elections?

Albert: Did you see the news bulletin?

Pinky: Why? What happened?

Albert: Cynthia Haywards won the election!

Pinky: No way! Really?!

Albert: Yup. And the surprising fact is that only 20 percent of the voters turned out.

Pinky: Are you kidding? Voting is so important, but people don’t bother!

Albert: Many people think their vote doesn’t matter.

Pinky: That’s a bad way of thinking. Gosh.... we’re stuck with her for four more years.

Albert: I guess people just don’t care.

Pinky: They’ll care when they see things go wrong.

The TV Debate.

Albert: Hey Brian! Did you see the debate last night?

Brian : No. What happened?

Albert : Wayne Callard really owned James Ratcher.

Brian : Really? Callard’s a great speaker, isn’t he?

Albert : Yes, and he put his points across very clearly. Ratcher sounded confused and muddled.

Brian : I hope Callard’s not only a good speaker but also a serious and committed politician.

Albert : I think he is, Brian.

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