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This lesson will help you learn the correct usage of ‘Have’ and ‘Has’.


Sheldon: Good Morning, Zoey! Today’s lesson will teach you how to use ‘Have’ and ‘Has’ correctly.

Zoey: That should be an interesting lesson. Can you explain the difference?

Sheldon: Sure. While both ‘Have’ and ‘Has’ are used to show possession, ‘Have’ is used for plural and ‘Has’ is used for singular when we are talking about someone else. They are also used as auxiliary verbs to add meaning to a sentence or to complete a sentence.

Zoey: Has Mark signed up for this class?

Sheldon: No and you are right to use ‘Has’ since you are talking about a single person in third person context. Another example of ‘Has’ can be “She has a wonderful job”.

Zoey: Wow! This is great. Let me use ‘Have’ to indicate a plural context. ‘Have your sons joined school yet?’

Sheldon: Yes, they have. They are in nursery! ‘Have’ is also used in singular form when you are talking about yourself or when you are talking to the listener i.e., first and second person.

Zoey: I have a passion for reading. Is this the right use for the first person?

Sheldon: Awesome, Zoey! You have got the hang of it. And this was the example for the second person.

Zoey : It’s so clear now. Use ‘has’ when you are talking about one person. Use ‘have’ when you are talking about many people. Use ‘have’ for yourself and for the person you are talking to.

Sheldon: Perfect! Now let’s listen to some conversations.

College Talk.

John: Hello Penny. Have you completed your thesis?

Penny: Yes, I have. I’m presenting it tomorrow.

John: Has Professor Harper come to college today?

Penny: I haven’t seen him.

John: I have a lot to discuss with him.

Penny: You can check with the other staff. They might have some information.

No Longer a Secret.

Mario: Penny, has Sarah come home yet?

Penny: No, she’ll be late today. Why?

Mario: Robert has a surprise for her.

Penny: What has he planned?

Mario: Can you keep a secret?

Penny: I swear I can!

Mario: He got her that smartphone she wanted!

Penny: That’s so sweet. She’s going to love it. She has a passion for technology.

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