Moving to a new city - English Phrases for travel

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In this lesson, we will talk about phrases that you can use while seeking information about accommodation in a new city.

Talking to a Friend.

Freddy: Hey Jaqueline, your mom told me that you were moving to New York for your studies!

Jacqueline: Yes. That’s right. I just found out today. Mom is so quick to spread the news!

Freddy: She seems quite happy for you. So what do you plan to do now?

Jacqueline: Everything is set. I’m just worried about the accommodation.

Freddy: Haven't you applied for dormitory lodging at the college itself?

Jacqueline: No. They are quite costly. I’m looking for some cheaper alternatives.

Freddy: Why don’t you search the internet? I’m sure you’ll find a lot of advertisement on renting or sharing apartments.

Jacqueline: Hey. That’s a great idea. Let’s do it.

Talking to a Real Estate Agent.

Tess: Hi. My name is Tess. I’m looking for student accommodations near Welkom Campus.

Justin: What kind of an accommodation would you prefer?

Tess: That depends. What options do I have?

Justin: Well, there are single apartments, shared rooms in an apartment or house, and dormitories. Whatever suits your budget.

Tess: What will be the rent for private accommodation?

Justin: A small apartment would cost you between $950 to $1500 a month, depending on the number of rooms and location.

Tess: Alright. What about a shared room?

Justin: Shared rooms are comparatively cheaper. You can expect to get a well furnished room with meals for $200 a month.

Tess: Well, initially I’d prefer to share a room. Can I have a look at the options?

Justin: Sure. I’ll just ask my assistant to take you to see a couple of places .

Responding to the Advertisement on the Internet.

Susan: Hi, my name is Susan. I’m calling from Texas.

Justin: Yes. How may I help you?

Susan: I saw this advertisement on the property portal for rental rooms. Can I speak with the person in charge?

Justin: My name is Justin, and I am also the owner of the property.

Susan: Alright. Actually, I’ll be moving to Seattle next month. I’m looking for a small room to rent.

Justin: I see. What do you do?

Susan: Well, I’m a journalist and I’ve just taken a position with Midweek. Would you tell me about the rent and facilities?

Justin: Well, we are offering our terrace room for $400 a month, and the rent includes meals and access to a fitness center.

Susan: Sounds good. I have your number. I’ll be visiting Seattle in a couple of weeks to make the arrangements. I’ll call you then to make an appointment to see the site.

Justin: Sure. Just let me know a day before your visit.

Asking Your Friend to Help.

Jacqueline: Hey! Tess, how are you?

Tess: I’m good. So, you are moving to the Big Apple! Congratulations!

Jacqueline: Thanks a lot. You once told me you had a cousin living there alone. Could you ask her if she needs a roommate?

Tess: You know what? Last time I spoke to her, she told me her landlord had increased the rent and she wasn’t able to afford it.

Jacqueline: I could move in with her and we’d share the rent. It would make things easier for both of us.

Tess: Absolutely! I’ll talk to her in the evening and let you know.

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